Car Mp3 Player


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Product Description:
• Built- In FM modulator;
• Full channels; (206), Built- In memory up to 2GB;
• LCD Display for ID3 Tag, Working Frequency, Volume, Ect;
• Read MP3 file from MP3, MP4 player, Directly and play through any FM receiver including the car and home stereo system;
• 6 EQ modes. (Classic, Pop, Jazz, Bass, Rock, Ect)
• Line- In function, Play music from CD, MP3, MD, DVD, Ect in the stereo system in the car;
• Memory functions: Have memory of last song, Volume or frequency—can resume from the last song, Volume and frequency when restarted;
• Two optional play modes: Normal and Random;
• Power Supply: Draw power from car cigar- Lighter (12V DC power).
• Remote Control

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